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Ketava d'Eramya Nebya (Jeremiah)


33:25 Therefore, MarYah says: If my covenant does not remain with day and night, and if I had not appointed the laws of heaven and earth,

33:26 then I would have turned against the offspring of Jacob and David, my servant, to make their offspring rulers [over] Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; (but) I (shall) return their captives and have mercy on them.


34:8 The word that came to Jeremiah from MarYah, after the king Zedekiah had made a covenant with all the people who were in Jerusalem, to enact freedom,

34:9 so that each (man was) to release his Hebrew servant and maidservant, so that none would cause his Jewish brother (to serve as) a slave.

34:10 Then all the princes and the entire people obeyed and caused each (of their) male servants and maidservants to be released so that they no longer serve them, and (thus they were) released.

34:11 However, they changed their mind again and enslaved those who had been released and subjected them to servitude.

34:12 Afterwhich the word of MarYah came to Jeremiah, saying,

34:13 Thus says MarYah, the Alaha of Israel: I made a covenant with your fathers on the day that I took them out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery, saying:

34:14 At the conclusion of seven years, each of you shall release the Hebrew brother that has been sold, and after he has served for six years, freedom shall be put before him', but their fathers did not obey, nor incline their ear to me.

34:15 Despite the fact that now you have repented and have done what is pleasing to my eyes to proclaim liberty to each his neighbor, having made a covenant before me in the Temple, on which my Name is invoked;

34:16 however, you have recanted and have desecrated my Name, and every man has taken again his servant and every man his maidservant who had been released and have (again) taken (them) as their servants and maidservants."

34:17 Therefore, says MarYah, the Alaha of Israel: You have not obeyed me to proclaim liberty to each his neighbor. Behold! I proclaim liberty to you to the sword, hunger and plague - declares MarYah - and will make you (as a) terror for all the kingdoms of the earth.

34:18 And delivering the men who have broken my covenant, (who have) not having fulfilled the words of the covenant made before my presence, when the calf (was) divided into two parts and passed between the parts.

34:19 For the princes of Judah and Jerusalem, the officers, the priests and all the people of the country who passed between the parts of the calf;

34:20 I will hand them over into the hands of his enemies and in the hands of those who seek to murder them, and their corpses will serve as food to the birds in the sky and the animals of the earth.

34:21 And Zedekiah, king of Judah, and his princes I (will) hand in the hands of their enemies, in the hands of those who seek to murder them and in the hands of the armies of the King of Babylon, which have risen (up) against them."

34:22 Behold, I shall give the command - declares MarYah - I will return to this city, and fight against it, and take it and the cities of Judah will become a desolation without inhabitants.

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