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The translation, graphics and all files associated with this version (unless otherwise indicated) are copyright 2007-2008 by Ya'aqub Younan-Levine and Bibliotheca Aramaica.

Feel free to download the files from this site to your own computer for personal use. If you wish to use this version of the Pshitta Tanakh feel free to quote from it, translate it, etc. If you print it in a book, magazine, brochure, etc. or on a website, all I ask is that you link back to this site with appropriate credit. Please do not mirror this site or copy the entire contents and host it on another site. Because it is currently in a draft format, you are not permitted to redistribute the files either for non-commercial or commercial purposes. If you translate the text into another language, please send copies of the translation to Ya'aqub Younan-Levine. Be sure to check back often because updates are frequent.

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Pshitta Tanakh: The Aramaic Jewish Bible in English (Nusach Beit Shalom)
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